【This Way】

The broker's reliability                     A fiction's repaint and remaking

All you need's prepared for this time        Shine up and ravage it all

The buyer's intensity                         Till mission complete, Covered by Pressure

The arrival encounterd                         You chance to get right now

On this way

The reseller punctuality                    Left to right, Send one order

All you match prepared for this time        Sign up and hand over it all

The creature's uniformity                    Demands only serial number

Quality's higher and higher                    Systemize belief

Fighters might be orderd become to Quarter            As petals, Now they fall

Fighters might be orderd to criminal torture        As petals, Now they fall

On this way

All my souls again,         All memories

Dedicate for victory,         For fidelity

All their souls again,         All memories

Eradicate for victory,         For fidelity

Like this way